Basketball Skill & Development Program 

The Bay Area Wildcats is a non-profit youth organization that focuses on instilling the habits necessary for student-athletes to grow as people, students, and basketball players. Our youth mean the world to us, and to ensure they reach their individual best in sport and in life we have fostered a supportive and inspiring environment filled with great, motivational instructors and mentors. We take tremendous pride in providing a valuable, high-quality experience for amateur players who want to push their game to the next level. We not only strive to develop great athletes – we also work to cultivate great people and great students. One of our primary focuses is teaching and instilling good habits that will serve our student-athletes well both in life and on the court.


The Bay Area Wildcats’ mission is to offer a program where student-athletes can learn the fundamental skills of basketball. Our program focuses on building confidence and instilling life lessons and values such as character, work ethic, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. ​

​We have boys’ and girls’ teams from 3rd grade (9U) to 11th grade (17U) in the Oakland/Bay Area. Each team is led by experienced, knowledgeable coaches who are more dedicated to the development of individual players than to winning championships. We stress hard work and dedication over talent, and teamwork over individual play.

Expert Coaching

Our coaching staff is composed of experienced and knowledgeable basketball experts who are dedicated to helping players reach their full potential. We use the latest training techniques and advanced technology to provide players with personalized feedback and instruction that allows them to improve their game.

Player Development

Our development programs focus on building fundamental skills such as ball handling, shooting, footwork, and agility. We also work on developing advanced skills such as passing, rebounding, defense, and scoring moves. Our training is designed to challenge players and take them out of their comfort zone, allowing them to grow and develop both on and off the court.

Join Bay Area Wildcats

If you are a young basketball player who is looking to take your game to the next level, Bay Area Wildcats is the place for you. Our AAU basketball program provides top-level coaching and development that will push you to be your best. Contact us today to learn more and join our team!

We   Build   Experiences

​”Wilson has been a part of many teams sports over the years. You all have created such an amazing and supportive learning environment for the game of basketball. It has been, by far, Wilson’s favorite team experience. As his parents, it has also been, by far, our best experience. This is because of your organization. Thank you for all your dedication and experience.”  

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Experienced Coaching

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