The Bay Area Wildcats (BAW) are approved for small group training! We hope to bring back a little form and normalcy into our athletes’ lives. With four separated, outdoor courts and an enforced social distancing protocol, ensuring a safe and healthy training environment for coaches and players is a top priority.

Our activities take place in an environment that fosters proper social distancing and safety. Operational- and social-distancing guidelines established by Alameda County, along with our own strict health and safety procedures, allow kids to participate in non-contact basketball drills while limiting the risk of exposure through proper screening, sanitation, and other procedures.

Teaching life skills through sports, the BAW are changing the world one practice at a time. We empower and develop youth by providing them with the confidence and leadership skills needed for success on and off the court. Our program helps student athletes develop their character and work ethic, as well as teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship qualities they can apply to become successful adults.



Sterling opened up the KBLX Studio for The Bay Area Wildcats’ Executive Director and President, Orlando Watkins and Demetrius Roquemore.

The Bay Area Wildcats are about teaching, instilling and developing the habits that allow all our student-athletes to grow as people, students, and basketball players. Their focus is on the fundamentals and development of great people, great students and great athletes, in that order. The Wildcats offer their services to boys & girls from 3rd grade to 12th grade in the Oakland/Bay Area.

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You can also find them on Instagram: @bayareawildcatsbasketball